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BridgIT Water Foundation Ltd

Water Wells Charity

Bridgit Water Foundation is a medium-sized build a well charity. 

This charity specialises in clean water projects for donors wanting to fund projects fully. Consequently, Bridgit is openly transparent. 

Donors have the luxury of dealing directly with Wendy Tisdell OAM, the head of the organisation.

Donate Water Wells

We selected Bridgit for a number of our own water well projects, and in our direct dealings, they have been very impressive. 

Having spent face-to-face time with many of Bridgit’s staff, we have seen firsthand how they operate. As a result, It is clear that they are passionate about helping communities. 

They are dedicated to improving people’s lives in developing countries rural areas, particularly those without access to clean and safe water.

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Helping Poor and Needy People

Bridgit seeks to drive development, not deliver aid.

Their first responsibility is clearly to the communities and to improve livelihoods through opportunity.

Bridgit engages the community leaders to be involved during all phases of the project. They follow well thought out systems, from the planning stage, implementation, and even after completion. 

Creating a sense of ownership within the community leads to better project maintenance and longevity.

Bridgit projects include community training in governance, maintenance, and good hygiene practices. For the most part, engaging and empowering leads to self-reliance and independence. 

Bridgit understands that sustainability is not achieved simply by constructing a water installation. The ideal outcome is achieved through the right community mindset and project longevity.

Specifically, the communities must want to take ownership and maintain their water project well into the future. Therefore, a significant part of a project lies in delivering knowledge and skills. In addition, they are instilling an appreciation for governance and maintenance to achieve independence. 

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Charity Water Well Cost

Transparency begins with providing details of the project community, describing the current situation and impacts of the water installation. At the same time, BridgIt spells out the water project costs. This way, the donor knows precisely where their funds are going and can see the benefits to the village.

Benefits of Donating

Directed to whole project funding donors, Bridgit spells out in their SPONSOR A WATER SUPPLY the benefits of paying for an entire project:

  1. Satisfaction through the actual project detail.
  2. Impact focus – cost-effectiveness.
  3. Understanding of the benefits to the chosen community.
  4. Build a well in your name placed on a plaque.
  5. Prompt tangible action.
  6. Real-time progress reports.
  7. Full completion report.
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Charity Accountability

The Bridgit  SPONSOR A WATER SUPPLY PAGE lists the specific details and information you can expect throughout the process:

  1. Planning & Preparation Phase
  2. Implementation & Progress Phase
  3. Sustainability & Capacity Building Phase
  4. Project Completion

Steps to funding a water project

Once you have chosen your project or you would like to know more about your selected project:

1. Check the charity registration details on the Australian Charities Registration and make sure registration is in order and up to date.

2. Check the charity ABN registration and DGR tax deduction status at the Australian Taxation Office.

3. Contact WENDY TISDELL by telephone or email below and discuss the following:

3a. Mention that you found their details on this site. And ask for a more detailed description of their organisation and their approach.

3b. Ask if the project is still current and about any changes to the listing information that may have occurred.

3c. Ask about any changes to the project costs.

3d. Confirm the payment method and options. (A Bank transfer is usually the preferred method, as it eliminates transfer charges).

3e. Confirm the timeframe of the project.

4. Confirm that you are happy with the organisation based on our  Nine Core Strengths of A Good Water Charity

4. Organise payment.

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Contact Detail


PO Box 1039, Stafford Heights, Stafford Heights, 4053

Country of Project

Ethiopia, India, Malawi, Myanmar, Nepal, Uganda



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