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providing safe drinking water

West Papuan Development Company

Build a Well Charity West Papuan Development Company (WPDC) is a registered Australian charity supported entirely by volunteers. They partner with the organisation LEMAK (Water of Life Organisation), based in West Papua, which forms part of Indonesia. LEMAK’s ground staff are certified in well construction and are experienced in community collaboration, through engaging local villages …

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providing clean drinking water

Waves For Water Australia Limited

Waves For Water Australia Limited is part of a world network that has implemented 155 clean water programs over the last ten years. They have worked in 48 countries, using water filtration systems, borehole wells and rainwater harvest systems. In addition to water, Waves for Water also work proactively in disaster relief. They have worked …

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provide safe water

Water Kwa Wote

Water Kwa Wote is an organisation providing help to financially disadvantaged people in rural and remote communities in Kenya, starting with the village of Oloiborsoito.

provide access to clean water

Water For A Village Inc

Water For A Village is an organisation installing hand dug wells in villages around the Simien Mountains area in Ethiopia. They engage with villagers in order to build their own well, with the guidance of a professional contractor.

Project on water

Water Education and Health Foundation (WEH)

Water Education and Health (WEH) is a organisation working refugee and migrant families in South Sudan and Kenya. They educate on water preservation techniques; support separated children from their families; the educate hygiene and health; and they mobilise drinking water sources for villagers.

project clean water

Water East Timor (WET) Inc.

Water East Timor (WET) Inc. improves the health outcomes and living standards for community members in rural and remote areas of Timor Leste. They organise water and sanitation system installation and management, health promotion and education. Individuals and service groups work in partnership to donate money, time and expertise to fund the water systems.

non profit water organisation

Tacab Iyo Tacliin

Water Well Project Tacab Iyo Tacliin work in underprivileged communities in the Horn of Africa. The organisation aims to improve public welfare through targeted pilot projects. As well as their scholarship programs, Tacab Iyo Tacliin are looking to fully fund the water well project in the town of Kabxanley, Somalia.  For the construction of the Kabxanley project, …

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most popular charity organisations

SWISH: Safe Water for Indigenous Sustainable Homelands

SWISH: Safe Water for Indigenous Sustainable Homelands is an Australian based organisation working with  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander elders. They work in communities to improve overall health by providing safe clean water. They train indigenous people in their own communities and employ them to install, maintain and regularly service water purification plants. These installations …

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most impact charities to mdonate to

Pure Water Healthy Life Inc

Pure Water Healthy Life Inc are an organisation that provides safe drinking water to communities in the Pujab area of India.  Pure Water set up purification plants to remove harmful chemicals, pesticides and microbiological contaminants. Each project employs an operator, who delivers the purified water to local households on a regular basis. The charity raises …

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reputable donation charities

Opportunities for Life

Opportunities for Life builds sustainability in communities through facilitating community-owned projects. In partnership with communities in Zimbabwe, the organisation constructs water bores with various pump systems. Their work extends to the refurbishment of poorly or non-operating existing bores.  Their clean water installations include schools, orphanages and villages.

most effective charities to donate to

Living Water Development Inc

Living Water Development Inc delivers water sanitation and implements good hygiene practices. They work in Uganda, Kenya, Myanmar, Thailand and the Pacific regions. They adopt a sustainable approach when working with local communities.  Their water solutions include bio-sand filters, solar distillation units, rope pumps and water excavation.

most effective charities

Just Add Water International Ltd

Just Add Water International Ltd aims at reducing world poverty by providing the solution of clean water. Tackling one community at a time, they prioritise based on need. They do a detailed pre-assessment of each project to determine the most appropriate sustainable water solution.  Their solutions include: hand-dug wells, solar panelled wells, drilled wells, boreholes, …

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Jacob’s Well Foundation Ltd

Jacobs Well Foundation Ltd instigates community improvement, better health, and tackles poverty. They are a build a well charity, constructing sustainable clean water bore wells and filter installations within communities. Their work is in India, mostly in villages in the Odisha area.  Starting with water, they improve the community member’s quality of life, leading to …

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list of reputable charities

Global Aid Network Ltd

Global Aid Network is a religiously centred organisation focused on humanitarian aid & development, disaster response operations and water for life initiatives. Their water initiative involves the construction of deep capped water wells to provide safe, disease-free drinking water. They are focused on the countries of Benin, Cambodia, India and the Philippines.

list of best charities to donate to

Fairaction International Pty Ltd

Fairaction International is about providing everyone in the world with clean drinking water. They are currently focused on Nigeria, having spent considerable time and resources surveying and mapping the area. In conjunction with Essential Need Project, they have developed a Target 6.1 Map within Nigeria, identifying projects needing construction and monitoring the various stages of …

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list of best charities

Essential Need Projects Limited

Essential Need Projects Limited is committed to the United Nations’ Target 6.1 for Sustainable Development Goals. The 2030 goal is to achieve universal and equitable access to safe and affordable drinking water for all. Its strategy is to unite all sectors of society towards achieving Target 6.1. It does this by collaborating with other organisations …

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life water charity

Entrust Capital

Entrust identifies and delivers projects focused on transformation to individuals and communities. They work in developing countries, where people have the greatest need within remote communities.  Their systems are geared to openly partner with donors wishing to fund whole projects. Their five core causes are water, prevention of human trafficking, education, economic empowerment and emergency …

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reputable charity organisations

Create Impact NGO Limited

Clean Water Charity Create Impact is a clean water charity that works in remote communities in Ethiopia. They provide education, water and health care projects to create a lasting impact. Their work includes constructing schools and health clinics, restoring dilapidated classrooms, health initiatives, and providing access to clean water. Create Impact’s work in clean water …

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great places to donate money

Community Generation Limited

Community Generation Limited is a small charity bringing safe drinking water and sanitation to rural Cambodian communities. They partner with a local organisation to install BioSand water filters in schools and communities. They address sustainable hygiene and sanitation through health programs, training, and resources as part of their work. They excavate large ponds for rainwater …

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water and sanitation projects

Cambodia Clean Water & Toilet Project Ltd

Cambodia Clean Water & Toilet Project Ltd predominantly work on clean water and sanitation in Cambodia. They install water bores, bio-sand filters and concrete septic tanks in villages. Through collaborations, the organisation has helped villagers be less reliant on tourism through their seed for farming distribution program. They also have programs to sponsor students, collect …

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great charities to donate to

Beyond Water Ltd

Water Charity Beyond Water is a water charity that reduces poverty by focusing on clean water and sanitation in Kenyan communities. They partner with regional organizations they screen. They implement drilled, cost-effective projects based on geological reports with an intended lifespan of 25 to 50 years. Their projects include community maintenance and hygiene training and …

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good places to donate to

Abundant Water Inc

Abundant Water empowers individuals and communities in Laos, Timor Leste, and the Philippines, to secure their own sustainable access to safe water using filter systems. Working in remote rural areas, they train locals and vendors to launch scalable micro-businesses as part of their social business model, ensuring communities have a clean water supply into the …

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