Country of Project: Cambodia

most trusted charities

Samaritan’s Purse – Australia Limited

Samaritan’s Purse – Australia Limited work in developing countries. Their work areas include education, health, disaster relief, protection of the vulnerable, animals and agriculture,  livelihood training and water. Within the clean water initiative Samaritan’s Purse construct household concrete sand filtration systems, hand dug freshwater wells, community filtration systems, as well as other community water solutions.

list of reputable charities

Habitat For Humanity Australia

Habitat for Humanity Australia is part of the worldwide group, with its headquarters in the USA. The organization big picture goal is for everyone in the world to have a safe and decent place to live. In Australia the charity mainly provide shelter solutions for vulnerable groups and low-income families through a number of programs. …

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list of reputable charities

Global Aid Network Ltd

Global Aid Network is a religiously centred organisation focused on humanitarian aid & development, disaster response operations and water for life initiatives. Their water initiative involves the construction of deep capped water wells to provide safe, disease-free drinking water. They are focused on the countries of Benin, Cambodia, India and the Philippines.

life water charity

Entrust Capital

Entrust identifies and delivers projects focused on transformation to individuals and communities. They work in developing countries, where people have the greatest need within remote communities.  Their systems are geared to openly partner with donors wishing to fund whole projects. Their five core causes are water, prevention of human trafficking, education, economic empowerment and emergency …

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great places to donate money

Community Generation Limited

Community Generation Limited is a small charity bringing safe drinking water and sanitation to rural Cambodian communities. They partner with a local organisation to install BioSand water filters in schools and communities. They address sustainable hygiene and sanitation through health programs, training, and resources as part of their work. They excavate large ponds for rainwater …

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great charities to support

Cambodian Children’s Fund Australia Incorporated

Cambodian Children’s Fund mission is to transform the lives of the most impoverished, marginalized, and neglected children in Cambodia. Apart from their many support programs and focus on education, the organisation has a drinking water program. This initiative provides clean water to community schools.

water and sanitation projects

Cambodia Clean Water & Toilet Project Ltd

Cambodia Clean Water & Toilet Project Ltd predominantly work on clean water and sanitation in Cambodia. They install water bores, bio-sand filters and concrete septic tanks in villages. Through collaborations, the organisation has helped villagers be less reliant on tourism through their seed for farming distribution program. They also have programs to sponsor students, collect …

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great charities

Australian Relief Organisation Limited

Australian Relief Organisation operates in aged care, emergency relief, community development, disaster relief, homeless support, refugee & asylum seeker support, disability support, and other community support programs. Their work in water extends to water well projects in different parts of Africa and Asia.