Country of Project: India

impact Philanthropy

Empower Australia Overseas Aid Fund Inc

Empower Australia Overseas Aid Funds provide services to people in developing nations by providing emergency and disaster relief. They help the marginalized and poor,  provide residential care to disadvantaged children, residential care and health services to mentally ill members of the community and educate and school disadvantaged children, with the aim of breaking the cycle …

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most impact charities to mdonate to

Pure Water Healthy Life Inc

Pure Water Healthy Life Inc are an organisation that provides safe drinking water to communities in the Pujab area of India.  Pure Water set up purification plants to remove harmful chemicals, pesticides and microbiological contaminants. Each project employs an operator, who delivers the purified water to local households on a regular basis. The charity raises …

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most helpful charities

Penny Appeal Australia Ltd

Penny Appeal Australia Ltd provide poverty relief across Africa, Asia and the Middle East. They offer solutions by organising mass feedings, supporting orphan care and providing emergency food and medical aid. Their Thirst Relief program offers water solutions from simple hand pumps, to deep water bores, to full solar water and power centres. The solar water …

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Jacob’s Well Foundation Ltd

Jacobs Well Foundation Ltd instigates community improvement, better health, and tackles poverty. They are a build a well charity, constructing sustainable clean water bore wells and filter installations within communities. Their work is in India, mostly in villages in the Odisha area.  Starting with water, they improve the community member’s quality of life, leading to …

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list of top charities

Heart for Kids Australia Ltd

Heart for Kids Australia Ltd provides support services to children with financial or family pressures. They also support children and adults with special needs and foster children. Heart for Kids Australia is a Christian organisation working in China, India and Indonesia. Their core approach to helping children stay in school heavily relies on water, sanitation …

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list of reputable charities

Global Aid Network Ltd

Global Aid Network is a religiously centred organisation focused on humanitarian aid & development, disaster response operations and water for life initiatives. Their water initiative involves the construction of deep capped water wells to provide safe, disease-free drinking water. They are focused on the countries of Benin, Cambodia, India and the Philippines.

highest impact charities

Crescent Relief Limited

Crescent Relief Limited is a charitable organisation supporting the communities that are poor and in most need. Their focus is on health, education, livelihood, availability of clean water and other living related issues. Their programs include orphaned children, health relief & school development. Crescent Relief has a clean drinking water program that includes installing hand …

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water wells in uganda

BridgIT Water Foundation Ltd

Water Wells Charity Bridgit Water Foundation is a medium-sized build a well charity.  This charity specialises in clean water projects for donors wanting to fund projects fully. Consequently, Bridgit is openly transparent.  Donors have the luxury of dealing directly with Wendy Tisdell OAM, the head of the organisation. Donate Water Wells We selected Bridgit for …

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