Country of Project: Kenya

provide safe water

Water Kwa Wote

Water Kwa Wote is an organisation providing help to financially disadvantaged people in rural and remote communities in Kenya, starting with the village of Oloiborsoito.

Project on water

Water Education and Health Foundation (WEH)

Water Education and Health (WEH) is a organisation working refugee and migrant families in South Sudan and Kenya. They educate on water preservation techniques; support separated children from their families; the educate hygiene and health; and they mobilise drinking water sources for villagers.

most trusted charities

Samaritan’s Purse – Australia Limited

Samaritan’s Purse – Australia Limited work in developing countries. Their work areas include education, health, disaster relief, protection of the vulnerable, animals and agriculture,  livelihood training and water. Within the clean water initiative Samaritan’s Purse construct household concrete sand filtration systems, hand dug freshwater wells, community filtration systems, as well as other community water solutions.

most effective charities to donate to

Living Water Development Inc

Living Water Development Inc delivers water sanitation and implements good hygiene practices. They work in Uganda, Kenya, Myanmar, Thailand and the Pacific regions. They adopt a sustainable approach when working with local communities.  Their water solutions include bio-sand filters, solar distillation units, rope pumps and water excavation.

great charities to donate to

Beyond Water Ltd

Water Charity Beyond Water is a water charity that reduces poverty by focusing on clean water and sanitation in Kenyan communities. They partner with regional organizations they screen. They implement drilled, cost-effective projects based on geological reports with an intended lifespan of 25 to 50 years. Their projects include community maintenance and hygiene training and …

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