Country of Project: Uganda

project clean water and sanitation

Water For Africa Inc.

Living Water For Africa Mission Inc, also known as Water for Africa, is an organisation committed to improving the lives of people in Tanzania and Uganda. Their initiatives include sustainable farming, health care, seed program and clean water. The clean water program is strengthened by the founder’s qualifications and experience in water drilling. They partner …

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Samaritan’s Purse – Australia Limited

Samaritan’s Purse – Australia Limited work in developing countries. Their work areas include education, health, disaster relief, protection of the vulnerable, animals and agriculture,  livelihood training and water. Within the clean water initiative Samaritan’s Purse construct household concrete sand filtration systems, hand dug freshwater wells, community filtration systems, as well as other community water solutions.

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Penny Appeal Australia Ltd

Penny Appeal Australia Ltd provide poverty relief across Africa, Asia and the Middle East. They offer solutions by organising mass feedings, supporting orphan care and providing emergency food and medical aid. Their Thirst Relief program offers water solutions from simple hand pumps, to deep water bores, to full solar water and power centres. The solar water …

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MATW International Ltd

MATW International Ltd works to provide aid to the poor and needy. They aim to maximise the impact of their donations through sustainable developments. The work areas are food aid, caring for orphans, and medical assistance. The organisation builds community infrastructure, provides valuable education and builds community wells. MATW’s clean water well projects include deepwater …

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Love Mercy Foundation Ltd

Love Mercy Foundation Ltd works on overcoming poverty in northern Uganda by empowering communities in several ways. They provide women with seed loans and train them in leadership; they educate children in cents for seeds; they ensure patients are treated and babies are born safely, and they organise drilled wells. Love Mercy’s deepwater wells and …

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Living Water Development Inc

Living Water Development Inc delivers water sanitation and implements good hygiene practices. They work in Uganda, Kenya, Myanmar, Thailand and the Pacific regions. They adopt a sustainable approach when working with local communities.  Their water solutions include bio-sand filters, solar distillation units, rope pumps and water excavation.

life water charity

Entrust Capital

Entrust identifies and delivers projects focused on transformation to individuals and communities. They work in developing countries, where people have the greatest need within remote communities.  Their systems are geared to openly partner with donors wishing to fund whole projects. Their five core causes are water, prevention of human trafficking, education, economic empowerment and emergency …

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BridgIT Water Foundation Ltd

Water Wells Charity Bridgit Water Foundation is a medium-sized build a well charity.  This charity specialises in clean water projects for donors wanting to fund projects fully. Consequently, Bridgit is openly transparent.  Donors have the luxury of dealing directly with Wendy Tisdell OAM, the head of the organisation. Donate Water Wells We selected Bridgit for …

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