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"We are an ordinary Australian family donating our time and funds to help people in need."

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Our family target is 100 water well projects by 2025

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Frequently Asked Questions

We don't make a cent. We commit our time and funds to provide this service.

No. We genuinely want to dedicate our time and expertise to helping others.

To be a force for good through:

  1. Improving the lives of millions of poor people around the world without clean drinking water.
  2. Helping donors with valuable information.
  3. Working with charities to improve best practices and impact.
  4. Creating change at individual, corporate, and government levels.
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How we got started

In 2018 our family decided to take action. We committed to becoming a force for good and helping people in need.

It started with a walk

A charity walk up the east coast of Australia for 100+ days to make a big statement and launch a fundraiser.

Charity Water Campaign

As a newbie to charities and long-distance walking, I had very little idea. I didn’t know what we could raise or how far I could walk. The aim was to raise funds for a good cause with an excellent charity.

Charity for water

My first experience researching charities was an overwhelming and confusing one. At the time, there were over 48,000 registered charities in Australia. We decided on water well projects, based on the enormous need. After days of research, we chose Bridgit Water Foundation and then the project.

Our first project was a bored well in the Hoima area of Uganda. It was a unique project which provided the community with a hand pump. In addition, as part of the project agreement, the local village set aside land to protect the diminishing number of local Bulindi chimpanzees.

Walk for Water 100

My walk ended on day 109, over 5,000 km up the coast, doing a lap of honour around Thursday Island, the highest part of Australia. We raised money for six projects and travelled to Uganda, India & Nepal to see the constructions and situation first hand.

Wells in Africa, Wells in India

Meeting the grateful people from the villages and seeing just what it was like to live in a community without clean water was a reality check for me. Although I knew there was a need, I could not fully appreciate the poverty and lack of amenities. It highlighted just how fortunate we are in Australia.

That was the moment I decided to commit long term. I wanted to make a measurable difference for people in poor communities dealing with unsafe water issues.

Water Charity

Remembering how our journey started and how overwhelming the charity decision was, we came up with the idea of Water Charity: a research website based on what we wished existed when we started.

Why are we doing this?

In 2018 we decided to be a force for good…no strings attached.

Our goal for Water Charity Research is to do all the running around for genuine donors needing quick and reliable information and direction. It made sense that if we did all the research, everyone would benefit:

1. Saving donors time and confusion in the research process.

2. Doing a thorough review of clean water projects and charities, previously not done in Australia.

3. Supporting charities implementing much-needed projects.

4. Connecting donors with projects and charities.

5. Most importantly, helping communities in desperate need of clean water sources.

Our ultimate aim is to accelerate the pace of access to clean water for all communities in need.

We want a world with clean water for all.

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